Bill Status

Below is a list of my bills the that are moving to the House. If you click the links you can read the bills and see their specific status.

SB 868 Child Protective Services  -Complaints of child abuse or neglect where child is under the age of two.

SB 876 Kinship Guardian Assistance - Kinship Guardianship Assistance program.


SB 894 Critical Incident Reporting - Commissioner of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services; reports of critical incidents.


SB 936 Local Leave for Constitutional Officers - Constitutional officers; local leave benefits.


SB 1032 Foster Care Trade Grants - Comprehensive community colleges; tuition grants.


SB 1148 VDOT Airspace -  Authority to lease or convey airspace. 

SB 1149 VIEW - Virginia Initiative for Employment Not Welfare; transitional support services

SB 1150 Bar Bystander - Alcoholic beverage control; bar bystander training

SB 1199 Blind Parents - Blind parent custody rights. 

SB 1437 Council on Aging - Commonwealth Council on Aging.

SB 1504 Geriatric Curriculum - Virginia Health Workforce Development Authority

SB 1259 Utility Easements - Conveyance of utility easements; transportation

Additionally, a few of my bills were rolled into of the other bills. You can see these below.

SB 940 Mental Health First Aid - Mental health screening of inmates at local correctional facilities.

SB1298 Medical Marijuana  - Possession or distribution of marijuana for medical purposes; affirmative defense for treatment of certain conditions

SB 1467 Counting Absentee Ballots - Central absentee voter precincts; expedited counting of absentee ballots.