Working for Virginia's Future

Barbara Favola knows that an investment in education is an investment in the future of our community.  She will work to ensure everyone in Virginia has access to a quality education from Kindergarten through college.



Early Childhood Education and Healthy Families:

Barbara provided the Head Start program with a permanent home in Arlington County.  She serves on the Board of the Child and Family Network Center, a non-profit organization that provides high quality early preschool and family support services to low income families in Arlington and Alexandria.  Barbara is a strong supporter of the Healthy Families program, sponsored by the Northern Virginia Family Services. 

As our next State Senator, Barbara will strengthen the Virginia Preschool Initiative to help local governments and private partners provide quality preschool experiences to at risk children.

K-12 Public Education

Barbara is a strong supporter of K-12 public education.  She is committed to ensuring that Virginia funds public education at a level sufficient to put a great teacher and the latest technology in every classroom. Barbara understands that we must graduate students who are able to compete in every field.  The continued economic growth of this region and the future prosperity for the entire state depends upon wise educational investments and good outcomes in the classrooms.

Barbara also understands the importance of funding the arts in our public schools.  Barbara's son, Donald Patrick (DP), attended Virginia public schools from kindergarten through college.  (He is now a senior at George Mason University.)  In addition to gaining a strong foundation in the fundamentals,  DP benefitted immensely from the music and art offerings available in his schools.  

Higher Education

Barbara will work to ensure that the Northern Virginia Community College system has the resources necessary to accept every qualified student wishing to attend the Community College.  Barbara views the Community College system as the key ingredient to maintaining and growing a highly qualified workforce in this region.  She will also work to ensure that the public institutions of higher education in the state receive enough funding to expand the number of slots dedicated to in-state residents.

Barbara is a part-time employee at Marymount University, working to fund faculty initiated educational and research projects.