Bill to protect Domestic Violence Victims advances through the Senate Committee on Courts of Justice

Richmond, Virginia – January 27, 2014 – This morning the Senate Committee on Courts of Justice heard SB510 which was introduced by Senator Barbara Favola (D-Arlington). It bars individuals who were convicted of violent misdemeanor crimes such as stalking, assault and battery, and/or sexual battery from possessing a firearm or a weapon for a duration of five-years. Senator Favola’s bill will strengthen protections for victims of domestic violence across the commonwealth.


Senator Favola, a strong advocate for sensible gun control measures, spoke in favor of her bill on the committee floor stating “It is time that the Commonwealth of Virginia put in place laws that will protect woman, children, and our communities from these violent offenders.”


Under current law an individual can be convicted of the above stated violent crimes and continue possessing and even purchasing more firearms. Studies show that about 4,000 women die each year in each and every one of these deaths they were victims of earlier minor assaults. The Senate Committee on Courts of Justice unanimously voted for the bill to be referred to the finance committee where it will hopefully continue its journey to the Senate floor. 


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