A Budget for a Brighter Future

 A Budget for a Brighter Future


Richmond, Virginia — March 27, 2012 — In a statement released today, Senator Barbara A. Favola (D- Arlington, Fairfax and Loudoun) outlined why she supported the budget approved by the Senate Finance Committee. "I am delighted that funds for Cost of Competing and Inflation factors were included to support our public schools. These funds allow Northern Virginia schools to recruit and retain the best possible teachers and staff.


"Moreover, funding for the human services safety net is largely restored.  This improved budget includes $10 million for the Housing Trust Fund, almost a half million dollars to support teen pregnancy prevention programs and funds for employment support services for disabled Virginians.  Child-care subsidies for low-income children received an additional $2.4 million and funding for 4,500 nursing home residents eligible for Medicaid was restored.  Fortunately, $300 million was added for the Rail to Dulles project.  These funds will help reduce tolls on commuters.”


In addition to the K-12 funding restorations and support for the teen pregnancy program, other amendments championed by Senator Favola were also included in the Senate budget:  Funding for the Potomac River Basin Compact, Expanded Transfer Grants for Community College Students, Restoration of Child Advocacy Centers, and funding for 13 beds at the Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute.


“Adopting a budget is one of the most important responsibilities a lawmaker must execute.  I feel good about this budget; it honors the values and priorities I was elected to represent and it makes important investments in the Commonwealth.”



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