Bill Denying In-State Tuition For DACA Recipients Defeated in Senate, 20-19

I spoke against Sen. Black's bill (SB722), which removed in-state tuition benefits for DACA recipients. In-state tuition is often the only way these students are able to afford higher education, and I'm happy to report the measure was defeated by a 20-19 vote. Read part of my speech, included in the Senate Democratic Caucus press release:

“I as a Virginian, and I would ask that all of us as Virginians, would want to have students of that caliber who are willing to contribute to our economy, to improve their own lives, and to actually make us stronger, and make us a better community. We want them. We need them. They are part of us. We should allow them to be going on to college. I think the point here is, they’re not a drain on our economy. They’re a plus to our economy.”


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