Bill to Protect Domestic Violence Victims Passes Senate

This afternoon, the Virginia Senate passed legislation introduced by Senator Barbara Favola (D-Arlington) that will strengthen protections for victims of domestic violence during the 72 hours that an emergency protective order is in effect.  The bill prohibits the perpetrator from possessing a firearm in the home of the victim during that period of time, creating a Class 1 misdemeanor for this offense. 


Current Virginia law prohibits the transport and purchase of firearms in these situations, but this bill extends that security to the home of the victim. The need for this further protection is supported by the Virginia Sheriffs Association, the Virginia Coalition of Chiefs of Police, Association of Virginia Commonwealth Attorneys, and various advocacy groups.


Sen. Favola, a strong advocate for sensible gun control measures, spoke in support of her bill on the Senate floor today.  She said, “ The Commonwealth needs more tools to reduce domestic violence and implement more effective interventions.”


The bill passed with just three dissenting votes, and will now be deliberated in the House of Delegates


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