Favola Challenges McDonnell on Women's Health

“Now is the time for the Governor and his administration to step up and support women’s health.” said Barbara Favola, Arlington County Board member, and Democratic candidate for the 31st senate district.  

On Wednesday, The Institute for Medicine, an independent, nonprofit organization, released a report that says health insurance plans should be required to fully cover contraceptives, and reproductive education with no cost to patients under the new federal health care law.  

American women on average pay $573 in out-of-pocket health care costs- 68% more than men pay- mostly due to the lack of insurance coverage for contraception, according to Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virgina.

“If the Governor truly believes in supporting healthy families, than he would immediately call on Virginia health insurers to cover birth control in their plans.  I will lead the fight in the Virgina state senate to make that a reality.”

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