Favola Calls on VA Insurers to Cover Birth Control

Barbara Favola called on Virginia insurers today to cover birth control and other reproductive health services for women.  

“Virginia insurers should cover birth control which is basic health care for women,” Favola said.  “If they won’t do it voluntarily, I will sponsor legislation that mandates it.  It's time for women's health to be a priority in Virginia.”

The Institute for Medicine, an independent, nonprofit organization, released a report today that says health insurance plans should be required to fully cover contraceptives and reproductive education with no cost to patients under the new federal health care law. Annual HIV tests, breastfeeding support and a well-woman care visit should also be fully covered as preventive health measures according to the recommendations.

“Women who have the opportunity to plan their families have healthier children and are better able to care for them.  Yet, women are forced to pay more for health care because birth control is not covered by many insurance companies,” Favola continued, “It’s time for that to change.  I will lead the fight in the Virginia state senate to make that a reality.”

Read the whole set of recommendations here:



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