Favola Press Release

"My opponent has decided that the only way he can win is to peddle untruths, distort the facts and use personal attacks.   In a recent mailer, Jaime Areizaga-Soto makes the inaccurate claim that my votes are for sale.   That's just not true.  Here’s the truth.


I have always been transparent on where I stand on the issues and I have always been loyal to my values.   I have never sold my vote to anyone, ever.


Since I am not independently wealthy, I need donations from members of the community to fund this campaign and am humbled that so many individuals, from all walks of life, are supporting me. I have always declined contributions from developers who would appear before the County Board and have done so in this Senate Campaign.  However, I’ve learned that when you fight for children and families, safe communities, progressive environmental policies and good paying jobs you need every sector of the community with you."


Released by Favola for Senate  June 30, 2011


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