General Assembly Crossover Update

General Assembly Crossover Update


Dear Friends:

It is now crossover.  That means all bills passed by the Senate go over to the House of Delegates and House bills come over to the Senate.  Some of the House bills are pretty draconian so it is very helpful to have enough Democratic Senate votes to defeat the really bad stuff.

In fact, the commonly held view around the Capitol is “Thank God for the Virginia Senate.”  This statement is particularly true if you care about Medicaid Expansion.  I consider Medicaid Expansion to be the top priority of the session and will work with moderate Republicans to ensure that Virginia participates in this important program.

I am proud to say that my bills to improve services in the Juvenile Justice system, including funding for mental health assessments, have been passed and included in the budget.  Both Governor McDonnell and Governor McAuliffe supported my proposal to extend subsidies for foster youth and adopted youth until the age of 21.  The expansion of this safety net has been hailed by child advocates across the Commonwealth as a much needed reform to help kids secure the education and life skills necessary to succeed as adults. 

By working with my colleague, Senator Deeds, and others on the Education & Health Committee, I was able to pass a bill that requires State facilities to make a psychiatric bed available if a temporary detention order must be issued and no local bed can be secured.  This will be a big help in providing necessary services to those in crisis situations.  We expect the House to pass this bill.

Additionally, I worked with Delegate Simon on a bill to prevent domestic violence by taking guns away (for a five year period) from those convicted of misdemeanor stalking, sexual battery or battery of a family or household member.  This bill passed the Senate with bi-partisan support but is likely to die in the House.

I appreciate your continued interest and support as I work to represent the constituents of the 31st Senate District.  Please visit my website for continued updates.  In the next report, I will focus on the budget and women’s health issues.  


Barbara Favola


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