Ken Cuccinelli Throws Insult at Virginians Akin to Infamous 47 Percent Remark

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s book is scheduled to be released in mid-February, and some excerpts that were released to the public are very troubling.  At a press conference held yesterday, Senator Barbara Favola (D-Arlington) and her colleagues commented on the disturbing language of the gubernatorial candidate that is reminiscent of Mitt Romney’s infamous “47 percent” remarks that helped to extinguish his presidential campaign last year.


An excerpt of the book reads: “Sometimes bad politicians set out to grow government in order to increase their own power and influence… One of their favorite ways to increase their power is by creating programs that dispense subsidized government benefits, such as Medicare, Social Security, and outright welfare. These programs make people depend on government, and once people are dependent, they feel they can’t afford to have the programs taken away, no matter how inefficient, poorly run, or costly to the rest of society.”


Sen. Favola spoke on this message, saying, “Ken Cuccinelli’s comments were shameful and hurtful.  The Attorney General reiterated Mitt Romney’s 47 percent comment, 30 percent of whom are veterans.  He is telling these hard-working Virginians people who fight our wars, put their life on the line to defend our liberty, people who build our homes, construct our bridges, and teach our kids that they do not deserve to have financial or medical security at the end of the day when they retire.”


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