Sen. Black Calls Abortion, Auschwitz, and Vietnam "No Different" (VIDEO)

Yesterday on the Senate floor, Senator Barbara Favola commemorated the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.  In her remarks, Sen. Favola expressed her disapproval of recent political efforts to restrict a woman's access to reproductive health care and her right to choose.  Senator Dick Black (R-Loudoun), on the other hand, compared terminating a pregnancy to the horrors of the Auschwitz concentration camp during the Holocaust, and to violent battles in Vietnam, calling them "no different". The comments of Sen. Black, in stark contrast with Sen. Favola’s, show the threat to women's rights, and it sadly reaffirms the Republicans' inability to set aside partisan positions and personal agendas when making policy decisions about a woman's medical health. 


You can watch the full statements here:


Sen. Favola: 

Sen. Black:


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