Sen. Favola Condemns Republican Disregard for 40-Year-Old Roe v. Wade Decision

Richmond, Virginia — January 22, 2013 — Today, on the 40th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade, Senator Barbara Favola (D-Arlington) spoke at a pro-choice rally held by NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia.  She emphasized her vast disapproval of the Republicans’ narrow and dangerous agenda, and condemned the “War on Women”.


She said, “In the past few General Assembly sessions, we have passed terrible legislation: the ultrasound bills, the TRAP legislation and accompanying regulations, and the 24-hour waiting period before a woman can access an abortion.  These mandates are intended to intimidate and demean a woman, simply because some people feel that they can force their agenda on us as though we can’t make personal decisions for ourselves.”


Sen. Favola has championed the Democrats’ efforts to protect women’s reproductive health and the constitutional right to privacy, joining forces with fellow General Assembly members, physicians, and advocacy groups to stop the Republicans’ intrusion.  Just last week, she fought for the passage of two bills that would reverse the mandate that a woman must undergo an ultrasound prior to an abortion procedure.  This day in history forty years ago has fueled the reproductive rights debate in Virginia even more, as it is a reminder of the long-standing liberties that are being disregarded.


Senator Favola also took her passionate remarks from the grounds of the Capitol into the Senate Chamber this afternoon, delivering a statement on the floor of the Senate regarding the Roe v. Wade anniversary and its current implications.




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