Senate Committee Fails to Pass Favola's Police De-escalation Bill

Richmond, VA - On a tie vote, the Senate Courts of Justice Committee failed to pass a bill that would have made the training in de-escalation techniques a permanent part of the curriculum for the Department of Criminal Justice Services’ basic training of law-enforcement officers. The bill was patroned by Senator Barbara Favola (D-Arlington), and failed on a 7-7 vote.

Sen. Favola: “De-escalation tactics enhance officer safety and the safety of those coming into contact with police in situations that are very volatile. Police officers, like everyone else, harbor biases and perceptions about certain individuals, but these biases, even if they are held unconsciously, should not instigate aggressive behavior. Preventing the use of excessive force while enabling officers to create a more safe environment for both themselves and the communities they serve is a very worthwhile goal. I am disappointed that my colleagues didn’t recognize this.”


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