Senator Barbara Favola Proposes Legislation to Assist Survivors of Sexual Assault on Virginia Campuses

Arlington –December 4, 2104 – Today, Senator Barbara Favola submitted a request for drafting of a bill with support from Senators Jill Vogel and Jennifer Wexton.  The bill would do the following: 

Require Virginia's Colleges and Universities to enter a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a local Sexual Assault Crisis Center to ensure that campus survivors of sexual assault have immediate access to a confidential advocate who can provide a trauma informed response that includes an explanation of options for moving forward. Informed consent increases the likelihood that survivors will participate in reporting to law enforcement and will participate in the adjudication process. 

Colleges and Universities must also take steps to hold offenders accountable.  This Includes protocols that address the following:

--Provide an option for survivors who do not want to make an official report to make an anonymous report, 

--Provide amnesty for survivors who are concerned that an official report might jeopardize their academic status, 
--Provide clear guidance on linking victims to community resources. 
Senator Favola noted that "Survivors need to feel empowered to come forward and supported in ways that enable them to fully participate in the prosecution of their attackers."


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