Senator Favola Presents Diverse Legislative Agenda

As we contemplate a fresh new year and bright new world, it is time to recommit ourselves to being the “change” that is so needed.  Although the environment in Richmond is hyper-partisan, Senator Favola is dedicated to working across party lines to create a fairer and more just society. 


Highlights of her legislative agenda include tackling income disparity, addressing the need for safer childcare, providing better access to mental health services, stopping sexual assaults on college campuses, and removing guns from those convicted of misdemeanor sexual assault crimes.   Senator Favola's specific bills are noted below:

Income Disparity:

Allow local government to increase the minimum wage over three years up to $10.50 with the passage of a referendum.


Index payments to theses families so the payments increase with the Department of Labor issued Consumer Price Index.


Child Support for Disabled Adult Children: 

Allow judges to assign child support for special needs adult children in divorce cases.


Child Care:

Require all day home providers to meet minimum standards related to CPR, background checks and settings that meet fire code safety requirements.


Require the licensure of any provider caring for one or more unrelated child.


Ask the Department of Education and the Department of Social Services to convene a stakeholder group to develop a framework for requiring certain professional competencies. 


Education Pre-K -12:

Re-establishes the authority of school boards to create a 3 -person panel in a teacher termination process.


Juvenile Justice System:

Expunge the records of a juvenile for non-violent larceny crimes that would be considered felonies if the juvenile were an adult.


Mental Health:

Fund pilot projects throughout the State that enable Community Health Centers to enter MOUs with public school systems to provide mental health services on-site at the schools. 


Fund pilot projects to increase the availability of counseling services for children who have witnessed domestic violence.


Sexual Assaults on College Campuses:

Require colleges and universities to offer sexual assault victims the option of receiving services off campus at a community based center specializing in sexual assault cases.


Domestic Violence:


Require those who have been convicted of misdemeanor stalking, sexual assault and sexual assault and battery of a household member to give up a fire -arm for five years.


Public Safety:


Include “gender,” “gender identity”, and “sexual orientation” in the current “Hate Crimes” statute.




Enable individuals 75 years of age or older to go to the head of the voting line.



Request that the Joint Commission on Health Care study the availability of dental services at long-term care facilities.



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