Education – Pre School & K-12


Increase funding to K-12 public school systems in a manner that recognizes the higher costs of treating special populations and the regional cost differentials.


Increase flexibility in the Virginia Preschool Initiative to enable Northern Virginia jurisdictions to more easily access the program.


Create a pilot program to provide mental health services on-site in the public schools on a regular basis.  Community Health Centers will be given grants to provide these services through MOUs with public school systems. 


Provide funding for a statewide data system for public schools to better track and coordinate Individual Educational Plans and to enable Virginia to draw down more Federal money.


Give counties the authority to increase the tobacco tax up to an additional $0.30, with the requirement that these additional funds to be spent on education and that localities still maintain normal educational funding.


Foster Youth & Vulnerable Families


Participate in the federal Fostering Futures program, which allows 18-21 year old foster youth to receive necessary services, provided they engage in education and job training activities.


Provide funding to support school related expenses for foster youth attending Virginia’s Community College system and participating in the Great Expectations Program, a program that enables foster youth to remain in college or to graduate with a technical degree.

Workforce Development


Increase the per pupil allocation for in-state students attending public colleges and universities in the Commonwealth.


Expand the dual degree program, which allows students to earn an Associates Degree while simultaneously earning a high school diploma.


Make targeted investments to increase technology start-ups and to grow the cyber security sector.

Firearm Measures & Public Safety


If an individual is convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor, prohibit the possession of a firearm by that individual for a period of time following the conviction.


Remove firearms from individuals who are the subjects of Emergency Protective Orders, for a period of time.


Prohibit individuals on the FBI Terror Watch and No Fly Lists from purchase firearms by including the FBI lists in the background check conducted at licensed firearm dealers.

Sexual Assault & Human Trafficking


Ensure that funding is available to process the backlog of untested PERKs (Physical Evidence Recovery Kits).


Require police to submit all PERKs to laboratories for analysis.


Provide funding to train health care professionals in identifying victims of human trafficking.




 Senator Barbara A. Favola represents Virginia’s 31st district, which includes parts of Arlington and Fairfax Counties, and a portion of Loudoun County. For the 2015 session, Senator Favola served on the Local Government, Rehabilitation and Social Services, and Transportation Committees. 



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