Senator Favola Speaks at Rally in Support for Mental Health Disability Services

The Virginia Association of Community Services Board (VACSB) held a rally today on the grounds of the Capitol to advocate for support of those with mental health disabilities.  Senator Favola spoke to this enthusiastic crowd about her efforts to expand Medicaid, to fund community-based services and crisis intervention services, and to strengthen state support for the families and loved ones taking care of these individuals.  Part of her remarks are noted here:


“I believe that state and local government in partnership with providers can step up and address the need for community services so we don’t have to institutionalize someone.  Our jails should not be the places for mental health services. Providing a mental health safety net IS a jail diversion program.  Thank you for all you do to help your loved ones live a rich and full life.  I will work my hardest to ensure that the Commonwealth is there to support you.”


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