Senator Mary Margaret Whipple Endorses Barbara Favola

I am pleased to announce that Senator Mary Margaret Whipple has endorsed my candidacy for the 31st Senate District.  I am honored to call her a friend and supporter.  Senator Whipple's statement is below.

“Barbara has a long record of volunteer and elected civic activity and is a thoughtful and caring public servant.  She has the experience and knowledge of the Northern Virginia community and has been a leader on regional issues, including those dealing with cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay and creating a greener environment.  She has an unparalleled record in human services coupled with fiscal responsibility.  Barbara has first-hand knowledge of raising a child through Virginia’s public schools from kindergarten through college and the challenges our education system faces.  She is a dedicated Democrat and will be a strong voice in Richmond.  I can think of no one better qualified than Barbara to fill the seat for the 31st Senate District of Virginia.”  –Senator Mary Margaret Whipple, 31st Senate District of Virginia



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