State Budget – Not Bad but Rail to Dulles is Missing

Statement by Senator Barbara Favola

State Budget – Not Bad but Rail to Dulles is Missing


Arlington, Virginia — April 20, 2012 — In a statement issued today, Senator Barbara A. Favola (D- Arlington, Fairfax and Loudoun) said, "The budget adopted by the General Assembly Wednesday is a better budget because the Democrats fought to increase spending on K-12 education, human services, affordable housing and foreclosure assistance, dollars to localities and cost of living adjustments for State employees.  Unfortunately, we failed at passing a gasoline indexing tax and transportation remained woefully underfunded.” 


Senator Favola, along with 18 other Democratic Senators, held out on voting for the final budget with the hope that some money would be identified to help fund the Rail to Dulles project.  She explained, “This project represents the new infrastructure that the Commonwealth should embrace.  Arlington is a stunning example of why Metro Rail is such a good thing.  In 1970, Arlington’s Rosslyn-Ballston Metro Corridor supported 22,000 jobs.  This number grew to 96,300 in 2012, representing a 338 percent growth in jobs and this growth occurred with a decrease in traffic.” 


Clearly, “The Rail to Dulles project will bring enormous opportunities for “smart growth” to the region and the State should put some money on the table to reduce the burden on toll payers and local governments.  Given that candidate McDonnell’s primary campaign platform was the creation of jobs, I do not understand why Governor McDonnell did not prioritize this project and make an effort to reach a compromise with Northern Virginia lawmakers.”






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