VIDEO: Virginia Senate Moves Forward on Medicaid Expansion

The state budget was voted out of the Virginia Senate yesterday with direction to move forward with Medicaid expansion and reforms.  Senator Barbara Favola (D-Arlington) championed this effort throughout the legislative session, assuring her colleagues that its benefits for the state’s economy, jobs, and the individual health of about 400,000 currently uninsured people make this expansion a clear choice.


She spoke before the Senate yesterday, saying “These individuals are currently getting care at our emergency rooms, and we are all paying the price through higher premiums. This care is delivered at the most costly point and patients are getting the worst outcomes. Moreover, $5 million a day in federal tax dollars from Virginians will go to support the expansion in other states, should we fail to approve this expansion."


Though the Senate’s passage of this budget item was a step in the right direction for Virginia, Medicaid expansion will now be in the hands of the House Budget conferees and the Governor.


You can view Sen. Favola’s full floor remarks on this initiative here:


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