Virginia Senate Votes to Repeal Mandatory Ultrasounds


Bill to end mandatory ultrasound passes


RICHMOND, VA— This afternoon, the Virginia Senate passed a bill to repeal the mandatory ultrasound requirement that Republicans passed in 2012. The vote was     20-20 allowing Lieutenant Governor Northam to cast the deciding vote.

SB 617, patroned by Senator Mamie Locke (D – Hampton), would repeal the ultrasound mandate. Under the ultrasound law, women seeking an abortion must submit to a medically unnecessary abdominal ultrasound — regardless of their wishes.

“Politicians do not need to be practicing medicine. We need to think about the privacy rights of individuals: of women, men and all of us when it comes to personal medical decisions. Because when one group has their rights threatened, we all have our rights threatened. I'm glad my colleagues agreed and voted to protect women's rights,” said Senator Barbara Favola (D-Arlington)

As a strong advocate of women’s health, Senator Favola feels women should be able to make decisions about their own health care without interference from politicians. “A decision to have an abortion is a deeply personal decision and one that should be made by a woman, in consultation with her doctor, her faith leader and her family, not the state. Senator Favola chairs the Senate Reproductive Health Caucus. SB617 now heads to the House of Delegates for further consideration.


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