Women's Reproductive Health Caucus Press Release

The Women’s Reproductive Health Caucus will focus on promoting access to health care, including access to constitutionally protected safe and legal abortions. The fight will require lawmakers to pass legislation that removes mandatory pre-abortion ultrasound and wait time requirements. The Caucus will also champion bills that expand contraceptive coverage on insurance plans and define "birth control" as separate from abortion. 


“We are excited to support legislation that further protects reproductive rights and expands women’s healthcare options.” Senator Favola (D-Arlington) said. “These bills represent important steps in ensuring all Virginian women are safe, healthy, and have control over their own bodies."


Some of the bills have been the subject of previous fights in the General Assembly. Referencing the "birth control" bill, Del. Vivian Watts (D-Annandale) says, "Every year for the last 11 years, a bill to protect the rights of Virginia women from efforts to ban access to birth control has been defeated. Opponents to this medically sound legislation deny the morality of responsible reproduction."


While championing legislation that enhances women’s healthcare, the Caucus will closely monitor bills that may infringe on women’s reproductive health. Bills concerning telemedicine services as written pose no threat to reproductive health, but amendments could serve to inhibit access to birth control and emergency contraception.


“We plan to work with the Governor and the Attorney General this year to advance women’s health care in Virginia and to rebuff legislation enacting even more punitive regulations than those already put in place.” said Delegate Kory (D-Falls Church). 


The Women’s Reproductive Health Caucus meets weekly to discuss legislation important to women’s health and reproductive freedom. Sen. Favola and Del. Kory chair the Caucus.


The Women's Reproductive Health Caucus meets every Wednesday at 8 a.m. in Senate Conference Room 3 East, General Assembly Building. Caucus members include lawmakers from both the House and Senate, as well as relevant stakeholders: Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice, Progress VA, JCDC, ACLU, and the League of Women Voters.


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