Session Begins

Dear Friend,


The Senate convened on Wednesday January 13th, 2016. Once again, I enjoyed the thrill of raising my right hand to swear allegiance to the U.S. Constitution. Serving my fellow Virginians is a great honor and a responsibility I take very seriously. As promised, here is an update on my activities in Richmond. If you are in McLean on Saturday, be sure to stop by the Town Hall and keep me informed about the issues that matter to you.


I am delighted to say that I have been reappointed to serve on three important committees: Local Government, Rehabilitation and Social Services, and Transportation. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I stood with fellow lawmakers to support the Women’s Equality Coalition and the Women’s Pro-Choice Coalition, respectively. As Senate Chair of the Women’s Healthcare Caucus, I am committed to improving the health of women and families throughout the Commonwealth.


Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for Republican shenanigans to start. On the very first day of Session, the Republican majority modified the rules in the Senate to ban the press from the Senate floor. The measure passed on a strict party line vote, with no Democrats voting for the measure and no Republicans voting against it. I strongly object to this action, and believe that this move is in direct conflict with our value of greater transparency in government.


Speaking of press, be sure to check out my website for updates of news clips that discuss my legislation. This week WAMU covered my objections to Republican plans to oust Supreme Court Justice Jane Roush. The Connection Newspapers discussed citizen support for my Fostering Futures bill, which helps foster youth transition to adulthood by providing continued assistance through the ages of 18 to 21. The Connection also discussed the proximity of gun stores to schools, which I hope to limit by passing legislation that would enable local government to prohibit gun stores within 1000 feet of schools. Our children should be able to learn in a safe environment.


I am honored to serve you in Richmond and will continue to work hard for my constituents in the 31st District and for Virginians throughout the Commonwealth.


Sincerely Yours,



Barbara Favola

State Senate