Marketplace Virginia Poll

Dear Friends,

I've been working hard on Marketplace Virginia, the compromise plan that would help up to 400,000 Virginians get access to health care and bring billions of dollars back to Virginia. It's the right thing to do. Marketplace Virginia creates up to 30,000 jobs and helps keep healthcare costs down.

However, House Republicans have taken a page out of Congress' playbook and they are refusing to negotiate. Even worse, they are talking about shutting down the government.

I need your help: please sign my petition to tell the House GOP, “We need Marketplace Virginia!”

Your signatures will help me make the case that Virginians want to keep our tax dollars here in Virginia and that the GOP can't threaten to shut us down without consequences.

Sign your name to tell House Republicans: It's time to pass Marketplace Virginia!

I appreciate your help.



Barbara Favola