General Assembly Week 1 Recap

Dear Friends:


We just finished the 10-day mark in the General Assembly.  I am proud to report that my bills to improve the juvenile justice system and place a safety net under our most vulnerable TANF families have been reported out of Committees.  


My bill extending the time from 5 days to 10 days that a teacher has to appeal an evaluation is scheduled for a floor vote this week.  In the enclosed video, I explain my Mental Health and Domestic Violence bills, two hallmarks in my legislative agenda. Here is the link to the video,


Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for a Democratic win in the 33rd Senate District.  The election is Tuesday, January 21st.


I will discuss ethics reform and the continual war on women in future email alerts.  In the meanwhile, you may contact my office at (703)-835-4845 or email at




 Barbara Favola